Monday, October 2, 2017

3 Big Things

This morning brought me three big things, all within two hours of each other....

the 1st was the news of an atrocity in Las Vegas.
The 2nd was these sweet words from a 7 year old ESL student of mine in Beijing,

and finally Mindfulness teaching to 70+ students ages 3-5.

Today's lesson was Body Awareness. 70+ 3-5 year olds learning how to move their body with safety, learning where emotion lives in their physical sensations, and learning that their "hands can feel warm but their feet feel cold at the same time!" Direct quote. I am so grateful to teach children. Children teach US....if we allow it. Children are so joyful and resilient. Children get what love is and how to show it, when many of us adults have let hurt and suffering put our light out.

Support the light that is alive in this world by showing ultimate kindness and love ❤️....especially to a child you know. They can stop this madness but only with our support. Sending love and healing to all those feeling defeated. One❤️