Mindful Aromatherapy brings mindful meditation teaching to the classroom, boardroom, and family room via classes, programs and books.

Mindfulness Programs at a Glance

Professional Training

On site workshops for your staff. The Mad to Glad curriculum training includes three workshops delivered at different times. The workshops include turn key mindfulness lessons designed to be infused into any existing curriculum and classroom culture.

Workshops may be attended independently or purchased as a group for a savings of 15%. Each workshop runs 120 minutes in length and can be shared among multiple schools and grades. Cost: $500 per workshop, or $1275 for all three workshops, a savings of 15%.

Parent Workshops

On site workshops for your parent community. An excellent way to enrich your existing school culture. Parents will learn why and how mindfulness can support the development of their children, as well as simple mindfulness at home practices.

Workshops are 1-2 hours in length. Cost: $60 per hour

Student Training

On site, bi weekly delivery of mindfulness lessons for your student population. Lessons are 15-20 minutes in length and are applicable for ages, 2.5-18. The recommended schedule is two 15 minute lessons, held twice weekly, over 8 weeks for a total of 4 hours of mindfulness instruction.

Cost: $400 (Generosity Pricing) or $800 (Sustainable Pricing) per class. Schools who qualify for the Generosity Pricing have a minimum of 50% of the student body on a free or reduced lunch program.

Please note that if your school falls into the $800 Sustainable Pricing category, you are supporting a neighboring district to receive mindfulness through the Mindful Aromatherapy, llc Gratitude Program.

One on One Mindfulness Practice

In addition to the above we also offer 1-on-1 mindfulness classes.
Photo to the right shows Angela Harris working ... playing ... practicing mindfulness with a young child.

Mad to Glad by Angie HarrisMindfulness Children's Book

Angie Harris is the author of Mad to Glad: Mindfulness Lessons to Help Children Cope with Changing Emotions for children between the ages of 3-7. Mad to Glad teaches children the following Mindfulness lessons in a fun and interactive way to increase their focusing abilities.

More about the book and links to buy online here. More mindfulness books from Angie Harris coming soon!

Mindfulness Meditations for Grief

Monthly Mindfulness Meditations for Grief classes at Stephy's Place in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Check the Stephy's Place calendar for dates and times.