Mindful Meditation Programs

K-Adult Mindful Sessions Available in NJ

Group and individual lessons in mindfulness are available in New Jersey with Angela Harris, a graduate of Mindful Schools curriculum training, and a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Certification student.
5 year old practicing mindful meditation
5 Year Old Practicing Mindful Meditation

Teaching Mindful Aromatherapy to class  of 4-5 year olds at A Childs Place in Lincroft, NJ
Teaching Mindful Aromatherapy to
class of 4-5 year olds at 
A Childs Place in Lincroft, NJ

Mindfulness Classes at the Middletown Arts Center

Angela Harris is a mindfulness instructor at the Middletown Arts Center located at in 36 Church Street, Middletown, NJ 07748. View details about available classes at www.MiddletownArts.org and call 732-706-4100 to register for mindfulness classes. Classes include:

Private and Private Group Mindfulness Sessions for Ages 3-Adult

Businesses, families, and individual are welcome to contact us to schedule private mindfulness lessons. Contact us to schedule a time.

Mindful Aromatherapy - K-12 Lessons 

Do you have a school or group that is interested in mindful lessons for children ranging from Pre-K through 12th grade of high school?

Contact Angela Harris to present mindfulness lessons to classes or groups of teachers or school administrators.
"Had an amazing visit with children's book author, Angela Harris...The children enjoyed hearing her read her story "Mad to Glad" which included movement throughout the story. Perfect for young children! We all fell in love with this amazing woman. Thank you!!"
-Carmen Sylvia Melendez, Founder & Director at The Peace Rose Montessori School in Parlin, NJ

You're Never to Old to benefit from Mindful Meditations 

The benefits of mindful meditation can include: reduced stress, improved focus and productivity, support during the grieving process, and much more.  Current adult classes for mindful meditation are be geared towards:
  • Teaching Teachers Mindful Meditation techniques
  • Coaching Parents for their child's mindful meditations
  • Mindful Meditation of Stress Relief Classes
  • Mindfulness Meditations for Grief
Adult mindful meditation classes at the Middletown Arts Center or at your site/facility.

You're Never To Young to Learn to Focus

4 year old in mindful class
4-year-old in Mindful Class
In the photo to the left is a 4 year old girl during one of my Mindful classes.

She is completely focused and present in the moment, using her sense of smell to ground her mind.

Watch this Mindful Video

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