Student Mindfulness Training

PreK-12 Schools in New Jersey

On site, bi weekly delivery of mindfulness lessons for your student population. Lessons are 15-20 minutes in length and are applicable for ages, 2.5-18. The recommended schedule is two 15 minute lessons, held twice weekly, over 8 weeks for a total of 4 hours of mindfulness instruction.

Cost: $400 (Generosity Pricing) or $800 (Sustainable Pricing) per class.

Schools who qualify for the Generosity Pricing have a minimum of 50% of the student body on a free or reduced lunch program.

Pre-K Classes in Asbury Park, NJ 2017

Currently teaching in all the preschool classes (36 classes) in the preschool consortium of Asbury Park. There are 7 campuses and they all get Mindfulness this year after the successful pilot program last spring at Barack Obama Elementary. The children receive Mindfulness twice a week for 8 weeks. All teachers and admin that participated supported the expansion of the program to all preschool classes.