Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Oil Diaries: Bad Breath

Bad Breath Case Study                         

Using Essential Oils to Battle Chronic Bad Breath

Anne is in her sixties, and suffers from severe allergies. She is on a well known anti histamine, and NSAID to control the allergy symptoms, however one of the common side effects of the medication is dry mouth.  Dry mouth resulting in chronic bad breath.

Anne was recommended to use a prescription toothpaste to assist with the dry mouth symptoms, however she wanted to go the natural route.

Enter Peppermint Essential Oil.
Anne was given the recipe to mix a drop of peppermint essential oil with a dab of coconut oil to brush teeth. Peppermint oil freshens breath and helps with digestive issues.  

Anne related this regimen 3 times daily. She recognized a positive difference after day one, and asked her trusted husband to confirm what she was thinking.  Hubby responded with a kiss.